b2. 'Birdwatching' (7" vinyl) • deluxe 3D (dirty coke bottle)

b2. 'Birdwatching' (7" vinyl) • deluxe 3D (dirty coke bottle)

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The vinyl debut of the new single 'Birdwatching' featuring a full band studio version of Everything's Changed. The A side will go digital in late February but the B side will only be available on this limited run of records.

7" pressing on 'yellow splat' translucent vinyl. Anaglyph deluxe cover art by Aaron.*Includes a laser-cut 45 bird adaptor. Designed and cut by Aaron.

 Artwork and album assembly by A. Yealdhall. 


A. Birdwatching

B. Everything's Changed (full band studio version)

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